• Season 7, Ep 10

sneak peek: jenelle lists what’s wrong with her

A rundown of various symptoms leaves Jenelle clueless as to what’s going on with her. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Monday at 10/9c!

05/16/2016 · 1:49

- Smells good.

- It's not too coldout today either.

- I'd like a hot coffee.I'm ready for it.

- Tired.Oh, my God, I'm tired.

What is wrong with me?- Oh, babe.

- Babe, I feellike I had no sleep.

- I'm sorry.- I don't know.

All the lights and everything.

I don't know, like...

I feel like I haveSpidey-senses right now.

I swear to God.


Like, I can--I can see molecules,

I feel like.

It's crazy.

- You just need to seethe doctor.

He'll figure outwhat's wrong with you.

- So anyways, I startedwriting down my symptoms.

Like, hot flashes,hard staying asleep,

sometimes feeling of insomnia,

and numb fingers, shakiness,

anxiety, depression,restless leg syndrome,

eyes hurt,eyes feel huge,

knee joints click when sitting,

back pain,

head feelinglike it's non-stop shaking,

ton--oh, my tongue was numb,or I couldn't taste anything.

Loss of appetite,loss of balance, dizziness,

extreme weakness,loss of coordination,

feeling of being in fog,

cannot spell, hardto put sentences together,

hard to read,

uncontrollable body jerksat times,

pins and needlesin hands and feet at times,

itchy legs,

and I had that migrainethe other night.

Remember?That would not go away.

And I was up till, like, 3:00in the morning with a migraine.

Oh, my God.

And it seems like I've beenbedridden for three weeks now.

Like, I can hardly get up,

and you've been havingto take care of Kaiser for me

and help me out tremendously,

because I can't evenget out of bed.