• Season 22, Ep 28

sneak peek: Magdiel's journey

Magdiel tells his story about when he started boxing, and how he ended up at the fight church.

11/08/2016 ยท 1:05

- Not blaming my father. I love my father,

but growing up,he definitely got into my head.

Growing up, my mother thought I was too small

to do anything physical, so she never let me play football

or anything like that, so my dad was like,

"You know,my son's not gonna be a punk."

So he got me involved into boxing since I was, like--

man, like, six, seven years old.

On and off throughout the years,

I boxed, you know, from different rec centers

to boxing all the wayin the Marine Corps.

[dramatic music]

When I got out the Marine Corps,

I went through, you know,a situation in my life

where, you know,uh, I was looking for answers.

- All right, guys, bring it in.

- And I asked, God,you know, to give me something.

- Throughout our liveswe face all kinds

of different challenges,we face different battles.

- And it just so happenedto be mixed martial arts.

- Every day of your lifewhen you wake up in the morning,

I gotta choose to do right,choose to do wrong.

- I have that faith and believe in everything that God does,

and know that he hasa purpose for me.

- On three.One, two, three.