• Season 5, Ep 4

sneak peek: Kenna Loves Pink

Nev and Karrueche take to social media to discover some strange things about Kenna

03/15/2016 ยท 1:34

>> Hey, guys.

>> Hey, bud.

>> How you doing? Come on in.

It's nice to see you guys.

>> Oh, man.

Have you talked at all

with McKenna?

>> Not at all, actually.

It kind of weirds me out.

>> I mean, we haven't heard

anything back from her either.

>> Nothing?

>> No.

>> Oh, my God.

>> But here's what

we did figure out.

>> Okay.

>> The one thing we kind of

forgot to do yesterday

because you had told us that she

wasn't on Kik anymore was,

we didn't look up her Kik

username, KennaLove$Pink.

>> Yeah.

>> So we just did a search

on this, like,

social media username website

for KennaLove$Pink.

Sure enough, there's a Twitter

profile that is, in fact,


and this was the first tweet

that we found,

but when we went to the profile,

the first thing we saw

and noticed

was the profile picture.

>> It's the same.

>> [bleep], that's weird.


Did you guys go through, like,

all of her tweets and stuff?

>> We did.

>> This is crazy.

>> Yeah, and it's

only gonna get weirder.

>> Oh, great.

What the [bleep]?

>> That's you, yeah?

>> Yeah, but that picture was

never anywhere on social media.

>> That's a--That's a

screen grab from Snapchat.

>> That's a--yeah.

>> Who's the girl?

>> That--That's my ex.