• Season 7, Ep 11

sneak peek: kailyn and jo make amends

Kailyn wonders how Javi will react after her and Jo get back on good terms. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Monday at 10/9c!

05/23/2016 · 1:49

Vee said things went good.- Yeah.

- You guys had fun?- Mm-hmm.

No, I thought everythingwent really well

whenever I had lunch with her.

She mentioned, like,wanting me

to meet up with you or reach outto you so that we could,

like, squash thingsand make sure

that things were goodbetween us, so...

- Well, is there anythingthat you want to talk about

and get out of the way?

- Over the last couple monthswe've had a couple things

just blown out of proportion.

Like, thingsthat were minor, you know.

We fought in front of the house,which was so stupid.

- I know, like, a lotof things are affecting us,

like, on our personal ends.

I know me, like,just moving here and just

the stress of everythingbeing isolated and everything.

And sometimes, you know,we get a little irritable.

But I just feellike there's just been,

over the years there's beena pattern of, you know--

- Like we're goodand then we're not good?

- Months of--yeah,there's months of us we're good,

we're hanging out,we're talking,

and then there's--then,like, one little thing,

and it's gonefor months and months.

My biggest thing is,like, the fear

of just kindof regressing back to,

you know, fighting

and things that we've done inthe past because I feel that--

- But why do you feel like that?

When Javi comes homeor just in general?

- I don't want to say he's,like, the problem,

but for a long time I wanted to,

you know,bring him

in on this and make surethat we're all good as a group,


- Javiand I have been

dealing with some stuffwhile he's been deployed,

and it's been way harderthan I ever anticipated.

So it kind of makes me nervousfor a lot of things not just,

you know, our situationand how Javi's gonna deal

with us all being on good terms,

but just everything in general.