• Season 1, Ep 3

sneak peek: 90s party

Nicole invites Derrick to her upcoming 90s party.

09/12/2016 · 1:08

- [exhales] Man,

sorry, I was so rough.

I ate vegetables the other daythat really amped me up.

Devin brought homethis like green leafy thing,

and I was just like,"Uh-huh, never again."

- That's the great thingabout being an adult.

You can do whatever you want.

- Yeah.


- If you come over tomorrow,can you bring some ketchup?


- No, sorry.

Devin and I are throwingthis like '90's party.

Everyone's comingas like a '90's character.

Veronica's gonna be Rachelfrom "Friends."

- Mm, maybe I'll come byor whatever.

- Did you just sayyou wanted to come?

- Yeah. It sounds dope.

- Oh, wow, really?

Cool. Oh, that's really cool.[laughs]

I guess I could just,you know,

text you my addressor like whatever.

- Now is it cool if I likedon't wear a costume?

- I mean, everyone elsewill be wearing one--

- Thanks, babe.

- ♪ Derrickis coming to my party ♪

♪ Coming to my party

♪ Coming to my partywith his big old dick ♪

♪ Big old dick, big old dick

♪ Big old dicklike a baseball bat ♪♪