Real World - Katelynn

06/06/2016 ยท 0:47

- I think MTV wasahead of the curve

in getting transgendervisibility

into mainstream media.

- The first timethat I cross-dressed,

I had this cute, like, little leather skirt

and this cute top, and I looked in the mirror,

I'm like, "Holy [bleep],that works."

I'm like, "This iswhat was missing from my life."

This is what was wrong.

I realized that I was actuallyfemale rather than male.

I identified as female.

- Katelynn from"The Real World: Brooklyn"

was the first transgender personI ever saw on TV

and it was justabsolutely groundbreaking.

- It was extremely brave of her

and she gave a voiceto part of the community

that had never beenheard before.

- There are dayswhen I don't--

like, I wake up, and I'm like,"How the hell am I still here?"

- I think honestywhen you're on reality shows

is really what resonateswith viewers.

- If I can help any people with my experiences

and what I've had to sufferthrough,

that's my whole goal here.