• Season 4, Ep 9

sneak peek: tori destroys gio in a rap battle

You don’t want to miss what happens after this rap battle. The 2 hour SEASON FINALE of #AYTO airs Monday at 10/9c!

08/08/2016 · 1:51

- Now, before I turnthis hat to the front,

I just want to sayit's all love.

- All love, man.- No hard feelings.

- No.- And I'm sorry...

I came up with the bright idea

to challenge Tori to a rap battle.

And I hope Tori's gonna go hard,

because I'm not goingeasy on her.

Listen, listen, listen, listen.

♪ I've been battlingsince I was 16 ♪

♪ I could body youand your whole team ♪

♪ I go hard,maybe too hard ♪

♪ Let's win this money so thatshe can get a boob job ♪

- Oh!- Listen.

♪ Hate it or love it,I'm the realest [bleep] ♪

♪ I'm a wolf

♪ Not like the dudefrom "New Moon" ♪

♪ [bleep] I was the first goon

♪ In the Boom Boom Room

True story!


- Are you--are you--are you done?

- Are you done?- Or...okay.

- Okay, okay.

[all shouting at once]

- Huddle, huddle, huddle,huddle, huddle.

Okay, we're gonna... I'm not scared of you, Gio.

You wanted a rap battle?You're about to get one.


♪ Talking [bleep],oh yeah, that's Gio ♪

all: ♪ Yeah, that's Gio

- ♪ I got a whole crew,you only got a trio ♪

all: ♪ Got a trio - Yeah, that's right.

♪ It's my name,so they know the deal ♪

all: ♪ Know the deal

- ♪ Only fake boyssay they real ♪

all: ♪ Say they real - ♪ So keep that acting

♪ For a reel all: ♪ For a reel

- ♪ Hey, you couldn't handleall that Creole ♪

all: ♪ All that Creole

- ♪ Yeah, you think everyone'sagainst you ♪

all: ♪ Against you - ♪ You so defensive

♪ No one will defend you all: ♪ Will defend you

- ♪ You pretty pussyfor a Spanish guy ♪

all: ♪ Spanish guy - ♪ We've seen you crying

♪ With your third eye all: ♪ Third eye

[all shouting]

- Tori completely[bleep] him up.