• Season 6, Ep 4

sneak peek: catelynn welcomes a new addition to the family

Catelynn seems to be inspired by #TeenMom2's Chelsea Houska in the next episode of #TeenMomOG. Don't miss a new episode Monday at 9/8c!

08/29/2016 ยท 1:15

[pig squeals]- Shh.

Come here.

[pig squeals]

Okay. Okay. Okay.And we're out.

[pig squeals]

[pig grunting]


She's so scared.

Let me show youyour place.

[pig grunting]

It's okay.

[pig squealing]


You're so loud.[pig squeals]

[pig grunting]

See? It's okay.

- Do you think the squealingmight wake up Ty?

- [sighs]Oh, my God, Jessica.

Tyler's sleeping.- I know.

- You're gonna have to wake up--oh, my God. That's even worse.

[pig squealing]