• Season 5, Ep 17

sneak peek: a crowd-sourced episode of catfish

Someone has been impersonating Andrea Russett and her entire family, and her fans are pissed about it.

08/26/2016 · 1:10

Oh, man.- Oh, it's from Casting.

- That means something's up.

"Hey, guys, you shouldcheck out this video.

Maybe you can help."

Oh, boy. Whatis this video?

Andrea Russett, I know her.She's a YouTuber.

- I follow this--yeah.I follow her on Twitter.

- So before this video of craziness.

- She's got 3.5million followers.

- That's a lot.

- ♪ Who am I to try and stop believing? ♪

- Wait, what is shetalking about?

- Let's see.

- I'm sure you guysare already aware,

there's been literallythousands of profiles

using my pictures online,and a lot of 'em,

I kind of just brush it offbecause they're ridiculous.

They can't evenspell my name right.

They're saying crazy things,

but I recently found these profiles imitating my family,

and I just feel likeonce you involve my family,

it's kind of justtaking it too far.

So I'm here to ask you guys,how do I handle this?

Leave a comment below.

- Wow, it's gotalmost 40,000 likes

and hundreds of comments,

a lot of people tagging me and you.

Her fan base is calling us.

We've been summoned.

The fans have spoken.

This is a crowd-sourced episode of "Catfish."

Well, I guess we should getin touch with her.