• Season 7, Ep 7

sneak peek: kailyn and javi’s tearful goodbye

Javi gets deployed in the next episode of #TeenMom2. Don’t miss the tear-jerking farewell — Monday at 10/9c.

04/19/2016 · 1:16

- All right, babe.

You ready to do this?

- As ready as we'll ever be.

- Let's do it.

- Bye.

- Say, "Bye-bye."- Bye-bye.

- Bye-bye.- Bye-bye.

- Do you know whenyou're gonna be

able to call us or not really?

It's just kind of, like--- I guess--

well, as soon as I figure out

my schedule, I guess.

- Well, we'll be waiting.

- I'll call youas soon as I can.

[somber music]

- Okay.

- I'm not gonnasee you, babe.

- I know.

It's gonna be good.

You stay strong.

Six months is gonna fly by.

Okay, just keep your head up.

Just go--go to the gymwhen you get bored.

Go to the gymwhen you're missing us.

Keep yourself busy, okay?

[Javi crying]

- You're my best friend.

- It's gonna be all right.

[both crying]