• Season 5, Ep 18

sneak peek: a tear-jerking therapy session

Tyler and Butch visit their counselor to talk about Butch’s plans to move out of the house. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

02/09/2016 · 2:22

- Come on in.So this is the dad?

- This is the dad.- This is me, yeah.

- This is me?- [laughs]

- So, I mean,talk to me a little bit

about how come you want to havea session with your dad.

- Dad wants to move out,but I need to make sure

that his sobriety is notat risk when I do that.

- Okay.

- I'm--I pretty much gotthat under control, I believe.

- So what was it for you?I'm kind of curious.

What was your turning point?

- When I got arrestedthat September 8, 2011,

I sat in that bullpen,

and I said,"This is--it's over with.

It's done. No more."

- There's probably,like, things

that you've shar--like,memories, even,

that you've sharedwith Tyler and things like that

that you might have possiblybeen told when you were,

you know, usingthat you're learning

for the first time sober.

- I didn't know he didn't know,but I could have swore

he knew about my attemptedsuicide when I was 11.

- I--no idea.

- What did you thinkwhen you heard that?

- It's crazy.

- It's--it's just--it's hard to process.

I mean, it's--

I just wasn't there.

I wasn't there for him,

and I take full responsibilityfor that, and I'm sorry,

but, uh...

but you got to understandI have empathy now.

I learned empathy

for some--I don't knowwhere it came from.

I don't compareno more, so--

but I did that for a long time,so, you know.

You guys had it made.Ma took care of you.

Man, you guys had it--you didn'tget beat like I did,

hanging upside downwith your--

Man,hanging onto your ankles

and welts all over your bodyfrom neck to ankles.

You guys' life was a whole lotbetter than mine.

And I wet the bed.I wet the bed every night.

He said he wouldbeat me if I--

"That bed's wet tomorrow,I'm beating your ass, period."

And I would layin my bed at night

after getting a beating,

after thinkingabout killing this man,

said the only onethat loves me is my mother,

and I don't evenknow who she is.

I know she loves me.

Just...you know?

Last memory with her was--

I was three years old.