• Season 28, Ep 13

sneak peek: surprise elimination

The challengers draw black and white corks to decide who goes into the next elimination round - and no one is safe.

07/21/2016 · 1:30

to final challenge and battlingit out

for their share of that 350grand.

But we've only got room forthree.

So we got to get rid of oneteam.

And the only way to do that isby one final elimination.

And that's going down right now.

- Here we go.

- There isn't a challenge, butyou know what there is?

An elimination.

And even worse, no one's safe.

- Inside that little barrel,eight corks, instead of skulls.

Six white ones and two blackones.

If one of you draws the blackcork,

both of you are playing today.

Both of you draw a white cork,

you're going straight to thefinal.

So there's a lot riding on this.

- This is insane.

It's basically like flippin' aquarter here to see who goes in.

- Dario and Nicole, since youwon the last jungle,

you're gonna decide the order ofthe draw.

- I feel like the first twospots have a huge advantage.

That's where I want to putBananas

to keep him away from having to go against us.

And that's where I want to be sothat the likelihood

is that there's more white inthere

whenwe first grab the white corks.

- All right, so Dario andNicole, give us the list.

What do you got?

- All right, so we're goingNicole, myself,

Sarah and JohnnyBananas,

Cheyenne and Devin,Jenna and Vince.

- All right.First up: Nicole.

Come on down.


All right, Nicole, that cork iswhite.