• Season 2, Ep 3

sneak peek: Tyga is MIA

It's the grand opening of his new store, but Tyga is nowhere to be found.

08/15/2016 · 1:10

>> ♪

>> [cheering]

>> LAM: Shorts.

Put a pair right here.

>> Hey, anybody heard from T


>> No.

>> No.

>> It's two hours away from

opening, and nobody heard

from him?

So the last time we heard from

him is when he hung up

in my face.

>> I checked, like,

30 minutes ago.

Nothing. There was nothing.

>> He didn't answer you either?

>> Nothing.

>> There's a bunch of people


>> TRELL: It's the day of the

grand opening.

Still no sign of Tyga.

I really can't take it.

I'm stressed out, now really

understand why old people be

saying when they nerves get bad,

and then they legs just give out

just because it's just too much.

>> There's, like, 100 kids out

there already.

>> Yo, look.

Keep those kids away from me.

Lock the door.

>> Yeah, lock the door.

>> I don't care, bro.

I don't want to see.

I don't want to hear about it,


>> [cheering]

>> I'm gonna have everything

right with the store.

I'm not worried about what's

outside these doors.

Exactly what I thought was gonna


>> KATHARINE: This is gonna be

so rad.

>> I don't even wanna deal with

this right now.

>> Tyga! Tyga! Tyga! Tyga!