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sneak peek: adam uncomfortably stonewalls dr. drew

Adam makes it clear that this might be the last time you see him on #TeenMom2. Don’t miss part 2 of the reunion — Monday at 9/8c!

06/13/2016 · 1:48

- It--it seemed likethe one thing this season

that sort of jumped out wasthat father/daughter dance,

and, uh, how come?

- I don't know.

I don't have to explain myselfto you guys anymore,

so I don't--I'm not gonnaparticipate in this anymore.

I'm [bleep] done with it, so...

- So you're gonna s--not gonna talk out here.

- No.- So you're just gonna sit

and not talk.- Yep, I'm done with it.

- So any question--any question I ask...

- Nope.- You're just gonna stonewall.

- That's right, yep.

- Do you feel that y--- I'm here

because I'm under contractand I have to be here, so, yep.

- Do you feel the child supportis appropriate?

- [clicks tongue]Doesn't matter.

- "Doesn't matter."- Yep.

Not gonna give you guyswhat you want anymore.

Done with it.

[sniffs]I'm just done with the show.

I don't--I don't wannaparticipate in the show anymore.

I told and I even texted MTV

that I don't really wanna cometo [bleep] LA,

and I was told,"You better get a lawyer

to get out of your contract,"

so here I sit.

I'm obligated to be here.

I am not obligatedto answer any of your questions,

so I don't have to.[sniffs]

There you go.

I'm not gonna give you guys

anymore fuel to the fire.

- Is there a reason why--

- Be--I'm just--'cause I want out of this life.

I'm [bleep] sick of it, so...

- Being on this show?- Yep.

Done with it.

The money is not evenworth it anymore.

- Did something particularpush you over the edge or--

- Just done with it.

I just don'twant this life anymore.

- That cool with you?- I don't care.

- Did you consultwith an attorney

about whatyour obligations were?

- No, nope, but I'm not gonnasign a new contract

to continue.- I-I believe you can--

you could probablygo to the producers

and get out.- I've tried.

- You've tried?- Yep.

- Huh.

Like, whatever.