• Season 31, Ep 7

sneak peek: Dean and Kailah

Things get a little hot and heavy between Dean and Kailah.

04/29/2016 ยท 0:48

This little [bleep]is warm, bro.

- Oh. - Dean feeling like the man.

Of course he has a littleflirtation vibe thing going on.

I don't know if it's them leading each other on or not,

but both of 'em are horn dogsright now.

- You don't think we chilling?

- We are chilling.- I mean, there's basketball.

- Is it--is theresomething else?

- And a Jacuzzi.- Is there something else,

though, is what I'm saying- I don't--I mean,

do you feel likethere's something else there?

Do you feel like--- As you're grabbing my ass,

you want to ask me that?- Is there something else?

- I don't know,you're telling me.

- What's going onwith Dean and Kailah?

- I mean, I really--he knows what--he's a big boy.

He knows what he's getting into,so I was there.

I did that. I can't judge him for it.

Um, he must be feelingpretty nice though.

I don't know, just--we'll see what happens.

- What's up?- D.


[indistinct chatter]