• Season 1, Ep 8

sneak peek: complicated story

Eva and Ryan sit down with Anastasia's dad to hear his side of the story.

10/04/2016 · 2:19

to just walk through,

kind of,the events through--

through your observationsand your eyes.

Lead us through whatthat late afternoon

was like for you and whatcommunications you had.

I talked to Anastasiaon the phone

at about 4:30in the afternoon.

She said that she hadplans for that evening,

and I said, "Okay."

And, as it was,

I was coming homelate that night.

I was--it was almost 9:00.

When I came home,there are things

that I saw, and I said,"Anastasia's been here."

As far as I know,she came home,

which reallycomplicates the story

that was initially told.

(Ryan)If Anastasia did come homeat some point that evening,

as Bob believes,

it's odd that Kellyfailed to mention that

in any of her statements.

It's not important,I guess,

in the big schemeof things.

The cruxof the prosecution

was built on the caseof the tacit admission.


The eyewitness testimony

with the actualcorroborated evidence,

pretty much everything elsewent out the window.

It won't do any goodto hate him.

I'm sure that there'sparts of himself

that he hates himselfright now,

and there's no amountof ugliness or terror

or any kind of scolding

or punishment I couldgive him that's worse

than what's probablyalready been done.

He's got timeto figure it out.

I get to move on,

see whattomorrow brings,

something that Anastasiadeserved too.

Hey, are we done?

Yes, we are. Yeah.

That's a good noteto end it on.Okay.

(Ryan)My heart goes out to Bob.

It's clear that he stillcarries the pain

of losing his daughter,

but there's a differencebetween believing

someone is guilty

and being able to provebeyond a reasonable doubt

that they actually are.