• Season 5, Ep 20

sneak peek: Hottest guy in Maine

Max and Nev learn about Zac and the inconsistencies with his story.

09/16/2016 ยท 1:50

It says, "New to Californiafrom Texas.

"Moving to SF in July.Currently live in Santa Cruz.

"Enjoy working outand being active.

"CrossFit trainer."

All right, so this guy--yes,very handsome.

- So here's--here's the thing,guys.

There have been some recentdevelopments I can share.

So casually a friend of minereaches out to me.

He happens to beon the East Coast

and he's looking for a placeto stay

and wants to know if I knowpeople in Charleston.

We're talking about things,and he says,

"Well, show me a picture of thisguy, Zac, you're talking to."

So I send him a photoand he says,

"Holy [bleep],I know who this is."

- What?

- And he pulls up a profile.

It turns out that Zac Milleris an internet personality

who has an Instagramand a Snapchat--

- Like, a big following.

- In 2014, when "People"magazine voted

on the hottest guyin each state on Tindr,

and Zac Miller is the hottestguy in Maine, not in California.

- Okay.- Whoa.

- This is--this isa recent development.

- So we now know that the guy

in the picturesis Zac Miller from Maine.

- That's what I'm thinking.

- So there's no way you'reactually talking to Zac Miller.

- But what if Zac's profilein Maine

is actually a fake profile

and he actually livesin California?

- Well--- But the thing that you--

The article that you found--

- If there was a whole articleabout him--

- Yeah.- Okay.

So you discovered it.You're not talking to that guy.

- Yeah.Which is weird to me that you,

a smart, young man, recentlymoved to the West Coast,

with, like, a whole buffetof all the hottest gay guys

in America are here.Okay?

Why would you be willingto pursue at any length

someone who you knowis lying to you?

- If we're 100% positiveor 99% positive

he's not who he says he is,he might still be somebody

that I could be attracted to.

We have a real strong bond.