• Season 5, Ep 4

sneak peek: hopeful country boy

Brandon thinks he may have met the perfect girlfriend, and is looking to Nev and Karrueche for help.

03/10/2016 · 2:06


That says, "Do not disturb,"

so I won't look there.

Do you want to co-host the show

with me?

Are you busy?

>> Yeah.

>> You guys are busy, sorry.

Oh, check it out.


>> Uh, hello?

>> Do you want to co-host

the show with me?

>> Let's do it.


>> We found a co-host.

You guys know who this is?


If you don't, you should.

She's a fun, beautiful

social media superstar

and big fan of "Catfish."

>> Oh, yeah.

I'm your new Max.


>> So you have a large

social media following.

>> Yeah.

>> So I have to imagine also

that you've had a very

unique experience

with profiles and, like--

>> Oh, definitely.

There's people who, like,

use my picture.

>> Whoa.

>> It is crazy that to this

day people still are getting

catfished and tricked.

So let's help them.

Come on.

>> All right, let's do this.

Here we go.

"Hopeful country boy

ready to make a move."

So I'm gonna adjust this.

"Dear Nev and Karrueche,

my name is Brandon,

and I'm an 18-year-old

construction worker, and I live

in Kalama, Washington."

Wow, cool.

"I'm writing to you guys

because I think I may have met

the perfect girl for me.

I met McKenna on Kik--"Keek"?

>> "Kick."

>> Do you say "Kick" or--

>> "Kick."

>> "Keek" is cuter.

>> "Keek."

>> "We started talking on Kik

for the first few weeks,

but then she got a phone

and started texting."

>> That's, like, a sign.

>> Maybe she didn't have

a cell phone yet.

I mean, that's unusual.

>> Okay.

>> All right, okay, let's just

keep reading, okay.

"I know it has only been a

short time, but there is

something so special

about this girl.

>> ♪ Here we are together

>> "I really feel like I found

someone I could not only

build a relationship with,

but who is a best friend."

>> Aww.

>> "She is perfect and beautiful

in every aspect."

>> ♪ Feeling good

♪ That's all I need to know ♪

>> "Not only is she

crazy good-looking,

but she understands me,

and even though we have

only known each other

for a couple months,

I can honestly say"--

>> That he loves her.

>> ♪ 'Cause you light me up ♪