• Season 5, Ep 17

sneak peek: someone to connect with

Alex has developed a strong relationship with Andrea and her entire family - but are they real, or is this a Catfish?

08/29/2016 · 1:11

- I was actually playinga festival, and I got a message.

- Did you know who Andrea wasat the time?

- No, I had no idea.- No.

- We just started messaging back and forth.

She just seemed likea sweet person,

someone I could connect with.

She was my best friend.

- Oh, wow.- And then potentially more.

They were strong feelings.

I mean, I wrotean incredible amount

of songs about the situation.

♪ The only thing that's leftis me and you ♪

- Was she your girlfriend?

- It was definitely headingin that direction.

- Wow.- She started sending me videos.

- Good morningand happy Thursday.

- Videos of the YouTube profile.

- Any videos of, like,her saying,

"Hey, Alex, it's me, Andrea"?

- Not that specific,but it was a constant question

of "Hey, can we FaceTime?"

"Hey, can we Skype?" She would bring that up to me.

- Really?- So why didn't you FaceTime?

- There was alwaysa connection issue.

It would pop up."Hey, Andrea's calling you."

I'd click Accept,

and then just "There's an issuewith your connection."

- Huh, so that's weirdand a red flag,