• Season 1, Ep 5

sneak peek: namaste nightmare

This yoga class has no chill.

07/05/2016 ยท 2:08

All right, guys,let's get settled.

Whatever's going onin your life,

this is the momentto let it go.

Whatever happened,whatever mistakes,

whatever regrets.

It's so funny, that youcan do just one thing

and it haunts you forever.

You meet a guy,you think he's great,

and then you find out he's notas great as you think he is.

So maybe you have thatand you can relate.

Shake him out,get him out.

(man saying "meow" ringtone)

Oh, guys,I am so sorry.

Sorry about that.

All right, we're gonna switch--put your weight

on your right leg, we're gonnalift that other leg up.

There you go,and we're gonna breathe there.

(man saying "meow" ringtone)Oh, shoot.

Yeah, I met this guy,now he is...

(man saying "meow" ringtone)

And I didn't know he hada girlfriend and then, uh,

it turns out he does and thegirl will not leave me alone.

(man saying "meow" ringtone)

I don't even like cats-- I don'tknow why this is my ringtone.

Hi, could you pleasenot call me anymore?

(woman shouting over phone)

Just hold it there, guys,gonna keep breathing.

(woman on phone) I don't care if you didn't know!

I did not know,I did not know.

Leave me alone,I did not know.

Lower it down.

Nice, and thenswing it up to a snake.

Please stop calling me. I know what you look like!

I'm teaching a class,don't call me anymore.

I'm gonna snap you in half!I didn't know.

(Jade)Oh, my God.

(woman on phone) Who is this?

Who is this?

...oh, you think I'm scared of the police?

My brother's Italian!

(Jade)Okay, guys.

And this is anuncomfortable stretch,

like this uncomfortablesituation I'm in.


(banging on window)

Hey, hey!

Get out here!

I know you're in there!I know you're in there!

That girl justbanged on the window

and she's gonna come in--shut that door!