• Season 6, Ep 10

Sneak Peek: Does Leah Have A Crush At School?

Gary talks to Leah about her first day back at school and if she has concerns about feeling left out at home. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

10/10/2016 · 1:19

- Hey, baby.- There you go.

- Thank you.- You're welcome.

- You guys have a good night.- You too.

- Your first day of school.- Guess what?

There's this new studentin my class.

His pants was kind of fallingdown, and I saw his underwear.

They were, like, blue with,like, a little red and stuff.

- Oh, no. Were youchecking him out?

- No!- Ooh, Leah gots a boyfriend.

- I like him as a friend,but he's not my boyfriend.

- Yeah?- He's mostly a bad boy.

- You miss mommy?- Yeah.

- Yeah?- But I did just see her today

in the morning.- Right.

Do you like going over there?

- Mm, kind of.

- I just want you to know that

if you ever feelleft out with Emilee

or you don't feel special,

you can always talk to meand let me know.

- I kind of--I usuallylike talks like like--

those talks to--with Kristina.

- That's fine.

I mean, you can talkto whoever you want,

and that's why I try to starttaking you

to more movies and do thingsthat you like to do,

because, you know,I know that--

- Things that I like to dois wake up early.

Maybe that's somethingthat you should do.