• Season 6, Ep 1

sneak peek: amber opens up about her depression

Amber talks about how difficult watching the last season of #TeenMomOG was for her during the 2-HOUR SEASON PREMIERE -- Monday at 9/8c.

08/15/2016 · 2

- That one looks the best.

- So are you excitedabout moving here?

- I'm so excited to, like,

not have to stay in hotels

when I come here.- Yeah.

- And, like, havea place for Sophia.

- Yeah. These penthousesaren't cutting it anymore, huh?

- No. They're not.- That's right.

So who's gonna watch Sophiawhen you're traveling back

and forth or when youbring her to here to LA?

- I am totally gonna be hiring,like, a au pair to,

like, live, travel with me,

be here for Sophia,pick Sophia up from school.

Because that's what I need.

- Is your mom gonna be okay withthat, or is she gonna be upset?

- Why do I need to care ifmy parents are okay with that?

I'm the parent.I'm okay with that.

- Okay.- I'm happy about that.

- All right.

- I'm sorryif you don't understand it.

Maybe you don't havethe same issues

as I have with my mom,

but [bleep] it.Like, I'm over that.

- Well, yeah.I'm--I'm pretty excited

about you guysmoving closer so I'll be--

- Are you really excitedthat we're gonna be closer?

I don't know.- Yeah.

[dramatic music]

- I mean, this isa conversation.

Two people can talk.- I know.

- And I mean, if you'reworried about interrupting

then maybe you're not the rightperson to talk to me, then.

- Okay. All righty.

- Are you excited to be

in LA more with meor are you not?

- I--I just was tryingto explain that to you

and then you interrupted me.

- Doesn't really soundlike you're excited.