• Season 2, Ep 15

Yeah! What? OK!

Fill in the blank with whatever comes to mind - it's Broke A$$ Madlibs!

02/04/2016 · 1:35


Hey, man, how are you?How's it going?

Quick question,are you rhythmic?Yes.

Can you fill in blanks?Yes.

Some fill in the blanksis gonna get on here.

If you fill all the blanksout with anything,

just top of the conscious,anything,

there's no wrong answer.Got you.

I'll give you $50.Sounds good.

First things that comes toyour mind, let's go!

I can say anything?Literally, anything, any word.

Let's go!




Credit card.Yeah!




Spit out.What?

Park.Yeah, okay!

A ho.

(music stops)

It's okay.It's all right.

Let's go!




All right, Stan!

Stan don't givea (bleep), yeah!

Oh, yeah, we know.I know that you wanna lick a ho.

Even if it smellslike doo-doo.

And you justdon't care.

Top of the conscious, man,top of the con--

There's no wronganswer, Stan.

You won $50.50 bucks, yeah!

That's beer moneyright there.

This me, Stan,on the "Broke-A$$ Game Show."

And I lick hoes.I like hoes.

Even if they smell like doodie.No.