Real World - Pedro

06/06/2016 ยท 0:57

- Every time I tell somebody I am HIV positive,

it gets as hard--

it's as hard asthe first time I did it.

- Pedro Zamora represented a lot for me.

He was an openly gay Latino manon television

and it made me feel a little less lonely.

Beyond that, he was so willingto be vulnerable and honest

in the face of so many obstacles.

- I have AIDS.

- To speak so freely and openly about his own HIV status

was important for our community to really educate us

and bring awareness to the issue.

MTV was willing to have a conversation

that no other network,really, at the time

was willing to have,

and really understood the power of images,

and the seedsof marriage equality,

which we saw bloom in 2015, were planted on MTV.

- I love you.

- I don't thinkit's exaggeration or hyperbole

to say that Pedro Zamorachanged the world.