• Season 4, Ep 1

sneak peek: i’m not going to be submissive unless you earn it

When the cast goes around the room for introductions, they quickly find out who’s the “alpha woman” of the house. Don’t miss the SEASON PREMIERE of #AYTO — Monday at 10/9c!

06/08/2016 · 1:08

We got to geta brief explanation

of each one of each other.

Pass the [bleep] bottle.- All right.

I'm Sam.I'm very, like, cheesy,

but, like, romantically cheesy.

- Ooh, all right.

- I grew up hunting, fishing.Country boy.

I'm looking for a girl

that's classy but knows howto get a little wild, you know?

- I'm here 'cause I haven'tdated a girl in six years.

- That's a long time.- Broke my heart.

She cheated on mea couple times,

so I kind of had my guard upfor a long time.

- Cameron is, like, the cutest guy in the house.

I like really tall guys,but I should,

like, not be so shallow, right?

I really shouldn't.That's why I'm here.

- I'm an adrenaline junkie.

I rock climb.I also get bored easily.

And let's [bleep] do this.


- Morgan has caught my eye.

I want someone who's gonnatake every day

as an adventure with me.

- I'm a alpha woman.

I'm dominant.

So I'm not goingto be submissive

unless you earn it.

- Oh!

- That's my date.