• Season 22, Ep 15

sneak peek: I'm a Witch

What if you had supernatural powers? Meet two young witches who are taking their abilities to the next level.

03/01/2016 · 1:44

[dramatic electronic music]

female narrator: You see it in movies

and read about it in books,

but what if you had supernatural powers?

- Whoa.

That was intense.

I felt, like, a spirit,like, push through me.

narrator: On this episode of "True Life,"

you'll meet two young witches

who are taking their abilities

to the next level.

[bell ringing]

Apollo's been casting spells

since he got hooked on "Harry Potter."

- [speaking foreign language]

As I will it.

narrator: Now he's coming out

of the broom closet.

- You may not burstinto flames right now,

but there will be a day.

narrator: Without the support of his family

or a coven to call home,

will he find himself all alone?

- Get your ass in here.

narrator: Or will the arrival of a powerful new witch

leave him enchanted?

- [sighs]

[speaking foreign language]

narrator: As a devout Wiccan,

Aracelie has been practicing witchcraft

for more than a decade.

- Hail and welcome.

all: Hail and welcome.

narrator: But she recently awakened as a vampire

and is exploring what it means

to be a creature of the night.

- The Moon came to me,and I just started

pulling energy from it.

- Mm.Hmm.

narrator: When she's nominated for a position

on the Vampire Court,

will she be forced to choose

between being a witch

and being a vampire?

- It's my entire life.


narrator: They're committed to the craft.

both: ♪ Fire my spirit

narrator: But does more magic

mean more problems?

- [scoffs]

narrator: Find out

on "True Life: I'm a Witch."

[dramatic electronic music]

- It's hard out there for a witch.