• Season 5, Ep 15

sneak peek: theo offers to help the pack

Lydia needs to be rescued from Eichen House…is the Theo the one to do it? Don’t miss the next episode of Teen Wolf — Tuesday at 9/8c.

01/27/2016 · 1:28

My Dad's got the labworking on the shoe prints.

But, uh we're bothkind of mystified about

how giant clawed werewolffeet turn back intoa pair of sneakers.

Argent said itwouldn't be like anythingwe've ever seen before.

Did he say it wasgoing to defy thelaws of physics?

What are you doing here?

I still need to graduate.

No. No. What you needis to be beatenseverely with a lead pipe

wrapped in barbed wire...

Okay, I admit thatmistakes were made.

Murders. Somemurders were made.

You know how the Sovietshelped us win World War II?

They knew how to make itthrough a Russian winter.

That it? Okay.Thank you, Theo.Very informative.

If you're planning to breakLydia out of Eichen House,

you still need to getpast the Mountain Ash.

We can make it through.

You can't, Scott.

What do you really want?

I know you saw the fresco.

Two seriouslypissed off creatures,

the Hellhound and the Beast,

fighting over a pileof dead bodies.

I don't want to beone of the bodies,it's that simple.

I can get you to Lydia.

Or we can seewho gets to her first.

There's no way he knowswhat Valack's doing.

Why's he sointerested in her?

He probably thinkswhat we're all thinking.

That Lydia's got somethingbigger to do with this.

That maybe she's the only onewho can actually save us.