• Season 1, Ep 7

sneak peek: the streets of Flint

Nev and iO enlist the help of a private investigator and former police officer.

04/01/2016 ยท 1:41

Elizabeth is engagedin sex work

or working as an escort...

- Yeah.

- We should probably learnas much as we can

about what that actually is.

- Escorting.In Flint, in particular--

- Somebody who work--

- Either an escort

who's willing to talk to us,which is very unlikely.

- That's hard to find.

Or someone on thekind of investigative,

potentially even police,law enforcement side.

- An ex-copwould probably be good.

- All right.Why don't we get out of here?

We got in touch with Tim Jones,

a 30-year veteran of the police force

who's now a private investigator.

He's agreed to give us a tour around town...

- Hey.- Hey, guys.

How are you? Tim Jones.

- To learn what prostitution is like

on the streets of Flint.

- So typically,

there's a risein prostitution

where there isa rise in poverty.

Is that correct?

- That is absolutely correct.- Okay.

- So we've just crossed intothe City of Flint jurisdiction.

We will have cars that are sitting.

Be backed in.

Probably has got a friend in it.

- An escort?- Yeah.

They'll stay in a car with their pimp.

They'll just sit and wait.

Look in the backparking lot here,

and let's just see if we can seeany friends sitting in cars.

- Friends.- There's one right here,

in this car--in the Ford Explorer.

- I see. Yeah.- Oh, yeah.

- Couple people sittingin both of those cars.

This is the kind ofenvironment

where someonewho was just starting

to maybe get involvedin prostitution

might end up.

- Oh, yeah.

If you notice the walkers that we have walking--

- Oh, wow. Those are working girls, huh?

- The one in the skirt, for sure.

- Ugh.- I suspect that they both are.