• Season 5, Ep 15

extended cut: tyler and catelynn’s wedding vows

Best wedding vows ever!? Best wedding vows ever.

01/27/2016 · 3:16

- Thank you.

Uh-huh, ah, thank you.

- Catelynn and Tyler,

we've come togetherin the presence of God

for your marriage,

to share your joy,

and to promise youour support and love.

- [sniffles]

Tyler, do you take Catelynnto be your wife?

- I do.

- And Catelynn,

do you take Tylerto be your husband?

- I do.

Right?- That's right.


- And now Tyler and Catelynn

have written their own vowsto one another,

and Tyler will share his first.

- Okay.

From middle school sweetheartsat the tender age of 13

to two teens in a crisisfacing the odds together...


[tender music]

To becoming parents

and building a householdtogether

to playfully goofing aroundtogether like children

as if no one is watching,

all of these thingsand many more

are the reason I want tomake a promise to you--

a promise thatas long as I'm alive,

you will never be alone.

You will never questionif you are beautiful.

You will never doubtthat you are worthy,

and you will never wonderif you are loved.

'Cause you are my angel,my soul mate,

my best friend.


I believe you were broughtinto this world

and destinedto be loved by me,

cherished by me.

I anxiously await to be ableto love you forever as my wife.



- I have a tissuefor you.

- [chuckling]

- Whoo.- Whoo.


- I can't top his.


From the momentI first laid eyes on you,

I always prayed that one daythat you would be my husband.

And as I standin front of you now,

I am just so blessedthat that dream came true.

We have createdtwo beautiful children together

and shared so many importantlife goals with one another.

From this day forward,

I promise to care for youthrough the good and bad times,

be loyal to you always,

and share happinessand laughter.

But most of all, I promiseto give you my love and support

and to cherish and respect youthroughout our life together.


- Tyler, what do you bring asa sign of your promise?

- [sighs]

- Thank you.

- Oops.- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [laughs]- Sorry.

We're oh--It's all good.- We got it.

- Take two.

- And Catelynn, what do youbring as a sign of your promise?

Catelynn and Tyler have madetheir commitment of marriage

together before God and all herepresent by solemn vows.

I now pronounce youhusband and wife.

You may kissyour beautiful bride.

- [laughs]

[cheers and applause]

- You look so beautiful.- Thank you.