• Season 5, Ep 16

sneak peek: a plot behind farrah’s back?

Farrah accuses her parents of making plans behind her back in the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

01/22/2016 · 1:37

[dramatic music]

- I feel like my mom and dad are going behind my back

and planning to both watch Sophia while I'm gone,

and I'm not okay with that.

- Sophia, shut the door,

and you can watch TV or you cango upstairs in your room.

- Okay, fine.I'll lock the door.

- Thank you,and don't lock the door,

'cause that's beinga naughty Boo-boo.

- Hmm. Bye-bye.

- So I'm just letting you know

my mom is not stayingat my house while I am gone.

And it seems like there'ssomething,

like, plottedbehind the scenes against me

so when I'm gone,people can just do

whatever the [bleep]they want.

But that's reallynot the case,

'cause you saidyou would watch Soph--

- Time--- I'm not stopping.

- Jesus, man--

- You said that you wouldwatch Sophia,

so why is Mom still feelsthat she's gonna be here?

I don't know what the [bleep]is going on.

- [stammering]

- I have four daysbefore I leave.

- Excuse me.

- If I just needto X out both of you

and have a babysitter here...- Farrah.

- So my daughter feels confidantand happy all the time,

then that's whatI'm gonna have to do.

- Farrah, stop interrogatingand talk to me.

- Oh, I don't interrogate.

I don't have timefor bull[bleep].

- Farrah, don't challenge me andmake me sound like I'm a kid

or doing something wrongor behind your back.

'Cause I'm not.- All right, great.

- All right?And I'll be honest with you.

I kind of wish your mom wasgonna be here,

but if you don't feelcomfortable, that's your choice,

and that's fine, and I haveto abide by your choice.

- Yeah, so any sneaky-ass[bleep]...

- Look at this. No bull[bleep].- People will let me know.

- I'm not making your decisions;you will.

- Right. I already havemade the decision.

- Fine.- I'm just making sure that

you're okay with your [bleep]negative attitude right now.

- I'm not negative,'cause you're on me, Farrah.

And it gets me upset.- All right.