• Season 32, Ep 7

sneak peek: Robbie gets his eyebrows done

Jenn and Robbie head to the salon for some manscaping.

11/14/2016 ยท 0:44

- When we dated, I actually bought a wax machine

to wax his eyebrows once a week.

Hello.- Hello.

Come with me,I do for you.

- All right.- [laughs]

- You guys are about to hearsome funny ass noises.

[ripping noises]

Ow.- Oh, my God,

He is such a diva.

- No pain, no gain.- I know. No pain, no gain.

- Look at this.- The struggle of being a girl.

- Eesh.

[rips]- Torture.

- [gasps]Nah, I'm only playing.

- Don't scare me, man.- Nah, they look great.

I gotta do what I gotta do.I gotta stay fresh.

Maz Robbie nation.Ha.

- Bye, thank you.- Thank you, appreciate it.

- Thanks.- Bye-bye, thank you.