• Season 32, Ep 7

sneak peek: Jenn kissed Pete

Jenn breaks down about kissing Pete and the consequences that will come from the hookup.

11/11/2016 ยท 0:59

- [bleep] my life

right now, though.

- What happened?- Mm.

- I kissed him.

- You kissed himor he kissed you?

- I just, like, turned my head.- Oh,

and then what did he doafter that?

He kissed you back, or...- Yeah.

- I know your man's notgonna be happy about that.

He's not--- It really [bleep] sucks,

and I almost wish that I didn't,like, talk about him here,

because now I feel likeI made a fool of him.

And that's literally what's--I'm gonna start crying--

- No,don't cry, boo.

- No.- Don't cry.

Come on, girl,don't cry.

- Mm...

- Look,everybody [bleep] up.

- It's not an excuse, though.- I know it's not an excuse.

- I totally just brokehis heart.

- No.- [sniffles]

I made a promise

that I wouldn't doanything like this,

and... unfortunately,

I [bleep] that up.