• Season 6, Ep 12

sneak peek: Matt and Amber's House Rules

Matt and Amber invite Matt's son Christopher to stay at their house, but first they have to lay down some ground rules. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

10/25/2016 · 1:53

- So this is the house.- Oh, my goodness.

- Hi, Axle.

[dog barking]

- Axle.- That's Herman.

- Herman.- Hi, baby.

So come on upstairs.

This is gonna be your room here.

- Oh, wow.- It's got everything you need.

You know?Bed, TV, cable.

- I appreciate this a lot, guys.

- So you don't have to worry

about sitting around the house.

I mean, you're an adult.

You can do what you want.Just remember, no drugs,

no drinking in the houseand stuff like that

and, you know, 'cause we can'tbe around that either.

- Right.- And in the end,

you have to make the decision.

If you're staying here 100%,

you're gonna stay sober.

That's your decision in the end.

- Right.- This isn't a revolving door.

- Mm-mm.- Right.

- You know, we're not herefor a vacation.

We're here to help you.

But we're not gonnaenable you in any way.

- Definitely.

- Make sense?- Mm-hmm.

- You know,it's important to know

that while you're here,you got to work.

Amber and I can probablyget you a job.

We can make a couplephone calls, but--

- That would be great,'cause it's hard to make--

it's hard for meto get a job sometimes.

It's just 'causeof my rap sheet,

and I have a felonyon my record, and...

- There's a guy that worksfor us on our houses,

and he hasa whole crew of people.

- What do they all do,do you know?

Are they roof, carpet?

- They do everythingfrom flooring, to carpets,

to plumbing, to electrical,to roofing...

- To outside--- To landscaping.

They're kind ofan all-inclusive crew.

Are you willing to dosome sort of program,

like, go to meetings and stuff?

- No.- Okay, fair enough.

- Well, I don't followthe 12 steps either.

You can make itwithout it, but...

- I just want to--- There's some guidelines

that you should probably, like--

- I just want to leave itin my past.

I don't want to goand talk about it to people,

you know what I'm saying?I just want to--

- Yeah, but sometimes it--that's gonna be

really hard to do,but okay.

- It's gonna be tough.