• Season 5, Ep 20

sneak peek: You'll be on Catfish before you know it!

In search for more answers, Nev and Max reach out to Zac and one of his friends.

09/19/2016 ยท 2:11

coming through.

- I am! I--you know what?- Mr. Love Connection!

- I am hopeful that this couldwork out.

- Okay, let's dive in.We've got the email from Andrew.

- "Here's what I know about Zac.He's supposedly 24.

"He's originally from Texas,lives in Santa Cruz,

"and intends to relocateto San Francisco.

"He tells me he'sa CrossFit trainer.

"The first phone numberhe gave me was this

"and this is the phone numberI have for him currently.

"The photos belong to a guy inMaine named Zac Miller. Thanks."

All right, let's just see if wecan find the real Zac online.

Oh! Got him. All right.

Let's check out his feeda little bit.

He posts a lot.Okay, he's working out.

Uh-oh!- Oh, look at that!

- "Feeling annoyed. Just--"

- "I just caught windof someone using my pics

"to pose as me on Grindrin Auckland, New Zealand!"

- Whoa!- I mean, that's awkward.

- Yeah, that sure is.- All right?

- Okay, so Zac Miller--

- Look whatthe first comment is!

"You'll be on Catfishbefore you know it!"


- Well this is interesting; weshould send this guy a message.

- Yeah.- We know he's aware

of the factthat people are faking him.

Maybe over the courseof the last couple weeks

since he posted that,people have investigated

and might have some information

about who's actually pretendingto be him.

"Hey, Zac, as you can guess,we are making

"an episode of "Catfish" thatinvolves a fake profile of you.

"We would love to ask you somequestions because we suspect

"you might have some info on whomight be behind these profiles.

"I'm available anytime.Thanks!"

Okay. I'm sending this.

- Send it!

- Who's this girlin his profile pic?

"Grad week celebration,throwback,

"with Elizabeth [bleep]."She's from Madison, Wisconsin.

- It looks like they wentto college together.

- Yeah.Yeah, well let's--

- Let's send somethingto his friend.

- It looks likethis Elizabeth girl

is his best friend.[message whooshes]

All right, so we've now messagedthe real Zac Miller

and his best friend Elizabeth.

- All right, let's runthe phone numbers.

These are our best bet.

Okay, here we go.First number, here we go.

Oh, we got a hit!

First--we got a hit!Full name, Staci [bleep].

Staci looks like a woman's name.- It sure does.

- Well, that would explainwhy they're not talking

on the phone.

- Yeah. We should look her up.Let's see.