• Season 1, Ep 3

sneak peek: what else do the files omit?

The Politte's neighbors share some information about the Politte case that never ended up in the police files.

08/29/2016 ยท 1:47

to those rumors that someonewas around in the morning?

My neighbor across the roadfrom me, Kevin Politte,

was a truck driver,

and he come throughin the morning

and told methat he saw a truck...

at the railroad tracks.

And he was wondering whythis guy's truck

was parked down there.

And I asked himif he knew for sure

whose truck that was,and he said,

"Yeah, I've workedon it a million times.

I know whose truckthat was."

Whose truck is it?

It was-- he said itwas Johnny Politte's truck.

Johnny Politteis Ed Politte's cousin,

and according to some,the two are very close.

He just told us recently,"Just didn't think about

the truckbeing parked there."

And then the other guy, Kevin,was talking about was Larry Lee,

and Larry said that he hadseen Johnny

come acrossthe field and he--

supposedly, he had actuallytalked to Johnny

and asked him ifhe needed a ride.

And he said no, his vehicle'sright down here.

Now, Johnny, the deputiesor somebody

had talked to himabout the case again.

It was the--the authorities?

It wasn't likean attorney?

All I heard was theywas questioning him.

I thought it was

the sheriff's departmentor something.

What else dothe files omit?


(Betty)That's-- that'sthe good question.

The sheriff did saythat he thought--That is a good question.

He thought Edwardwas involved.

He didn't know how

but he thoughthe was involved in it.

(Eva)He said that to you?Yeah.

Somebody really needs totalk to Kevin Politte.

See what he has to say.

And Larry Lee.

(Betty)I mean, most people think,you know,

"I don't wanna be involved,"

but there'stimes that you've got to.

Well, thank you so muchfor your time.(Betty)Not a problem.