• Season 28, Ep 2

sneak peek: Vince, the King of all Kings

Having won the first challenge, Vince and Jenna must now decide who to throw into the pit.

05/09/2016 · 1:26

- ♪ Push back the IV

♪ I hear the angels sing

♪ And witness the return

♪ Of the once and future king ♪

- The champ is here.

First challenge of "Rivals III,"

and guess who comes outvictorious--Vince and Jenna.

We just showed everybody that we're a dominant team.

- Vince is acting likehe is the king of all kings.

- Come on, man, come on, swimover here and get this for me.

- You needs to stop walkingaround like...

you're God's gift to this planet'cause you're not.

- ♪ Heavy lies the crown

- Vince wants to beat Bananaso bad and this is his--

- Vince does?- Yeah.

- This is his chance.- So he wants to, like,

puff up his chest a little bit

and he's newand he's got that ego.

- What do y'all thinkthey're gonna do though?

Do you think Vince is gonna pickor are they gonna let--

- They're either gonnasend me in

or they're gonna send in Nate.

- And he's gonna askhis cousin what to do.

"Johnny, what do I do?"

- If I was him,I would vote for me.

This is their chance.- Exactly.

- Johnny Bananasand I have

a almost decade-longrelationship.

We always find ourselvesof different sides of the line,

and we're almost always going against each other

like two bigcollegiate rivalries.

- Well, my back is hurting really bad.