• Season 31, Ep 10

sneak peek: Confessional Choices

Dylan and Jenna look like they're about to hook up as they step into the confessional booth.

05/17/2016 · 1:22

- I'm stripes.

[electronic music]

- Mm-mm.

Don't.- Don't what?

- Stop.- Stop? For real?



Okay, fine.

[dramatic music]

- I feel so bad.

I love Dylan.

Like, he is an awesome person.

I love being friends with him,

and he makes my life hereso much better.

But Austin is always gonna

be number one, obviously.

Austin is my man,and I don't know

if I could ever live with myself

if I chose somebody

that I barely know over somebody

that I really,really genuinely care about,

and that cares about me.

But hopefully he stillwon't have sex with Kailah,

because that would stillgross me out, no matter what.

I don't know why.