• Season 2, Ep 1

sneak peek: swimming with the sharks

The guys are in Australia and plan to dive with some sharks - if they don't get too nervous first.

08/01/2016 · 1:02

>> ♪

>> We came all the way to

Australia, we gotta swim with

some sharks, man.

You ready, Dre?

>> Ain't nothing wrong with

watching sharks.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> Okay, my name is Andy.

I'm gonna be your--over here's

your safety diver.

>> What's up?

>> Alexander.

>> God damn, man, you got

a--firm-ass handshake.

You almost broke my damn hand.

>> ♪

>> This is what's called a


>> And this is where you guys

are gonna get your first

experience with scuba diving,


>> Ever since we got to

Australia, all I wanted to do

was swim with sharks.

And now that we're here,

reality's setting in, and I'm

getting a little nervous.

It's a dinosaur.

>> Yo, so where's the--uh,

where's the cage at that they'll

be in.

>> There's no cage.

>> There's no cage?

>> You're looking a little


>> I don't think I've ever seen

Dre this scared before.

Just the look on his face, it's

making us all a little nervous.