• Season 31, Ep 5

sneak peek: sucker punch

Tensions rise between Jenna and Kailah as they start threatening to fight each other.

04/08/2016 ยท 1:14

- It's the peoplethat get riled up the most

that you know are tryingto cause the drama,

and she literally has to bea part of everything

'cause she'san attention-seeking whore.

And if I do leave the show,

it's gonna befor beating her ass.

- Nice shooting there, Tex.

- The middle pocket.

- [laughs]

- Never give up.Never surrender!

Kailah, when Jenna knocks youout, I will...wake you up.

- Just watch, we're gonna besitting here chatting.

She's gonna come inwith a club

and just sprint acrossand just [bleep] knock you out.

- She better. That's the onlyway she'll be able

to take me out is doing itfrom a sucker punch from behind.

- Aside from that,she better knock me out

on the first [bleep] hit,because aside from that...

- Okay.

- Okay.

- I don't--I don't have to proveanything to you.

You'll see what happens.

- Okay. We'll see.

- Okay, yeah, it wouldhave to have a T.K.O.,

otherwise she would[bleep] die.

- [laughs]

- Get the [bleep]out of my face, Dione.

- Get the [bleep]out of my face.

- At least pull her [bleep] out,'cause I'm tired of waiting.