• Season 3, Ep 10

sneak peek: Hey Steven, It's your Heart

This "leave a message" features a picture of a burger enthusiast with a penchant for safety.

10/03/2016 ยท 1:06

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Our first game is called:Leave a Message.

We'll show photosof crazy people

and our jokesters will tell uswhat messages they're getting.

Let's see the first pic.

(audience laughing)

What kind of message is hegetting? All right.

Jokesters get ready...joke off.

Hey, Steven, it's your heart.

Just wanted to let you know,today's my last day, so...

Yo, Rob, this isyour blood pressure.

(coughing)I'm high as hell!

Hey, Steve,it's your ass (bleep).

Just wanted to knowthe extended forecast.

Are we looking at dry, wet?

Just let me know, man,I just wanna know.

Hello, DaQuan,this is Mojo Jojo.

I am going to needmy grocery back.

Uh, hey, it's your doctor.

When I said it wasunsafe to eat that much,

I didn't wear a helmet.