• Season 3, Ep 3

sneak peek: amy's journal

amy's attempt to apologize to karma is cut short by a terrible discovery.

03/22/2016 ยท 1:16

- Someone's on a mission.

Let me guess; the deep-friedice cream truck is back.

- I'm looking for Karma.I have to apologize.

- Ooh, Amy, no.

Resist the temptationto forgive.

Jesus wasn't right abouteverything.

- Zita really did kiss Karma.- So what?

That doesn't explain whyKarma kissed you in the pool.

- Since I don't have thosefeelings for Karma anymore,

why should it matter?

I just want to endthis stupid fight.

- Oh, really?- Oh.

- Give it to Tonya.- Okay.

- I have May 13th.

Who has May 14th?

I have to know who her momwas with at that cheap motel.

- I've got a detaileddescription

of a sex dreamshe had about Karma.

Available to the highest bidder!

- Oh, my God.

Is this--- My journal.

- Lose something?

- How could you do somethingso horrible?

- Funny questioncoming from the person

who leaked my hump day video.

- This was my journal,my private thoughts.

- Well, now we're even.

- I can't believe

I was coming over hereto apologize.

- You were?

- [sighs]

Karma, not only am I no longerin love with you,

I no longer want youas a friend.

- Well, that makes two of us.

- Karma!

My office now.