• Season 1, Ep 9

sneak peek: student debt

10/21/2016 ยท 1:07

- NICOLE: And then this womantried to return soiled tights

and I was just like, no way,gotta shut this down real quick.

- Ugh, good for you.

- That's disgusting.- Mm-hm.

- [cell phone buzzing]- Ooh.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

- Who's that?

- Allo, bonsoir.Je suis Jean.

- It's Madison,my student loans officer.

Whenever she calls, I justhand the phone to Devin.

She thinks it'slike the wrong number.

- [French accent]How many times I tell you this?

You have zee wrongnumber at this end.

Tout alors. Bonsoir.

- Jean's my favorite.He's so rude.

- Mais oui.- Mais oui.

- How long do you thinkyou can keep this up?

- I dunno.

- Doesn't it bother youto owe all that money?

- Nah, I figure I'lldie under two things--

an amount of debtand a Hemsworth.

- You are so funny.- Thank you.

- When are you goingback to acting?

- Oh, my God, I am not.I have a job now.

This is what I do now,even if it sucks.

- It doesn't suck.

You're one month awayfrom health insurance.

That means free check-ups.- You're right.

It has been a while sinceI've seen the pussy dentist.

Last time I was there,she let me take a selfie

with that likeheadlight thingie.

Got a lotta likes.