• Season 1, Ep 4

sneak peek: blast from the past

Paige needs help from Jordan, who got too high and now thinks that she's stuck in the 90's.

09/19/2016 · 1:36

Ooh, get two Jenées.One on each bicep.

(phone ringing)

Oh, my God, Paige, I can'tbelieve this call went through.

That's amazing.Jordan,where the hell are you?

Paige, I-- I don't knowhow to tell you this,

but somehow, I've--

I've traveled back in timeto the '90s.

You what? I don't even know

how long this callis gonna last.

It must be some sort of ripplein space-time, or just, like,

a really advanced feature on the new iPhone.

Jordan, you always do this.

Every time you get high,you disappear for an hour

because you sayyou saw someone

who looks like the geniefrom "Aladdin."

No, Paige, if you could seewhat I'm seeing, it's crazy.

There's a payphone.

The receiver isn't eventorn off.

Paige, Mario Lopezis on TV, okay?

He looks exactlylike he did in the '90s.

There's no other explanation.I've-- I've traveled in time.

Oh, my God, Jordan,I cannot do this on my own.

He's my Mr. Big!

Okay, hey, I can be there for you.

All I have to do is live outthe next 20 years.

And then go to that party.

So get ready, because I'm aboutto walk through that door

20 years older, right about...


Am I still hot?

You didn't walk in.

Oh, my God, that means--

That means I die.

That means I diebefore I can go to the party.

Look at a photo of me.Am I disappearing?

I'm hanging up now.

No, no, no, no, Paige!

I love youand there's $500, okay?

It's in your sock drawerwhere I keep my vibrator.

God damn it!