• Season 5, Ep 18

sneak peek: hair of the dog

Jenna and the gang think of ways to fix things with Jake.

04/12/2016 ยท 2:05

- Against all odds, my friendship with Matty

was stronger than ever.

He'd even admitted to me that I was right

to tell him not to transfer to Wycoff.

It felt great, or at least it would have

if I didn't feel so bad about getting Jake fired.

And if I wasn't so worried about work.

And if I didn't have a hangover

the size of a small country.

I feel awful.

This is the worst thingwe've ever done to Jake.

- [clears throat]

- Okay, this isthe second-worst thing

we've ever done to Jake.

- I keep trying to reach him,

but he's straight-up icing me.

- You've reached Jake Rosati,

Palos Hills Country Club manager.

Leave a message.- Jake.

Again, we are all so, so sorry

for getting you fired and notinviting you to the party.

We are jerks.Come on, guys.

Tell Jake what jerks we are.- We're the biggest jerks.

- Jake, come getbreakfast with us.

- Apologies, bitch.

- Everyone, please stop yelling.

- Just call me.

That's likethe eighth message I've left.

He must be super pissed.- We have to fix this.

- The only fixfor this kind of hangover

is hair of the dog.

- Oh, my God.

That's it.

Fix the negative effectsof booze

with more booze.

- Yeah, man.That's just science.

- No, no, no, Jake's mad at us

for not inviting himto our party,

so let's throw him a party.

- Put 'em up, Jenna.

Citizen's arrestby the logic police.

Jake isn't answeringtexts or calls,

you think he's gonnaanswer an e-vite?

- It'll be a surprise party.

- In fact, since he justmissed a kickback,

let's take it up a notchand throw him a rager.

- We'll make it up to Jake.It'll be a Jake-up.

Or is thatwhen I broke up with him?

- And I'll host--my parentsare taking Morgan

to see her grandparentsthis weekend,

and I already bailedbecause their house

always smells like instant soup.

- I'll get the booze.

- [moans]

- I'll take thiswhen you're ready.

- Oh, [bleep], my wallet'sin my locker at the club.

- So are our purses.

- In my car, at the club.

- Looks like it's timeto dine and ditch.

On three.


- [bleep]

- Cash or charge, hon?

[typewriter sounds]