• Season 8, Ep 9

sneak peek: step-two

In this wildstyle, Nick Cannon takes on Timbaland.

09/26/2016 ยท 0:59

DJ D-Wrek, drop the beat.

[percussive beat]

Clap your hands, y'all.

Clap your hands, y'all.Uh, uh, uh.

Yeah.Yo, Tim.

Yo, Tim, it's like this.Yo, yo.

"Wild 'N Out"is the real empire.

This is that.I'm gonna have to let you know,

you ain't nevergonna get it back.

Matter of fact,heard he was a sissy cat.

I'm looking for somebodyto battle.

[bleep], where Missy at?

crowd: Ooh.

[bell dings]

- Okay, I got you.I got you.

Look, I got you.I got you, fool.

Look, check this out.

- We don't need no beat.- It's--look, look.

- We--watch.We do it different.

- Okay.- Watch this.

- Look.

- [beatboxing]- Look.

It's been a long time.Mariah left you.

And now you need Tim to step to.- Step to.

- Step to.Step to, step to.

Your music like Mariah.

Boy, it left you.

crowd: Ooh.

[bell chimes]