• Season 5, Ep 17

sneak peek: mason’s tempting proposal to corey

Corey is having trouble healing but is comforted by Mason and his potential plan. #TeenWolf airs Tuesday at 9/8c!

02/10/2016 · 1:32

MASON: So you're justgoing to leave?


What about your parents?

They barely noticedwhen I died the first time.

Look at this...

This is lifein Beacon Hills.

This is what happens.

It doesn't hurt.

It's just takingforever to heal.

But you are healing.

Maybe it's taking longerbecause of howbad you were hurt,

but it's happening.

I mean, look at you.

You can makeyourself invisible...

You're fast.You're strong.

People like meneed people like youto save our asses.

I need you.

No, you don't.

You're too smartto need anyone.

And it's the smart oneswho always survive.

Then survive with me.

Look, Scott's going tohave a plan.

They always do.

A couple of weeks ago,he brought Hayden in herewith cell phone jammers

to block the frequencyof the Dread Doctor...

Follow me.