• Season 6, Ep 11

sneak peek: Maci's Birthday Surprise

Taylor and Bentley prepare a family surprise party for Maci. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

10/18/2016 · 1:19

- Come here, hurry.Just help me put Jayde's hat on.

She's gonna break it.

Hi, Jayde-Jayde.

Can you say, "Happy birthday"?


- Hi.- Happy birthday.

- Mama!- Happy birthday.

- Hi.

Give me a kiss, Benny.Thank you.

- ♪ Da-da, da-da, da-da

♪ Da-da, da-da - And sis.

- Now you got to blow outyour candles

so we don't burn the house down.

- You want to blow them out?

Hold on, we can eat themin just a second.


[baby exclaiming]

- Yay.

Thanks, guys.

- You're welcome.- You're welcome.

- Were you surprised?- Yes.

I knew something was going on.

I was confused.

- Well, it was like tryingto organize a circus act, but...

- Well, that's how our prettymuch everyday life is, so...

- And I was the ringmaster.

Jayde's the bearded lady 'causeshe's got a cupcake beard.

Happy birthday.