• Season 1, Ep 10

sneak peek: corporate weed

420 just isn't the same anymore, as it looks like corporations have taken over the home-grown holiday.

11/07/2016 · 0:46

♪ Trees of green

♪ Red roses too

♪ I see them bloom...

Look at this.

Look at how commercialthis has gotten, okay?

This is notwhat 420 is about!

They've been playing420 music since February.

It gets earlierevery year.

I kinda wannasee that.

Ugh! No.

(buzzing)What the--

DopeCo's deliveringwith drones now?

Man, corporate weedhas money for everything.

I wish I had the moneyfor a drone.Excuse me?

Would you like to buy somelimited edition 420 cookies?

They're gluten-free.And Paleo.

Are you (bleep)kidding me?