• Season 7, Ep 3

sneak peek: leah learns the court decision

Leah meets with her lawyer and learns that custodial responsibility has been flipped to Corey.

03/29/2016 · 2:02

[acoustic guitar strumming]

- I'll just be in the car, Leah.

- Okay.- Okay.

How have you been?- Good.

- I wanted to go over the orderthat we got with you.

- Okay.- Okay?

I put a copy in front of you,

and there arecertain things about it

that I don't think are right.

- Mm-hmm.

- The custodial parent,

the judge said thatthe custodial responsibility

had been flipped to the father.

[solemn music]

The judge, he tried to basicallysay his goal was to make sure

that the kids gotto school on time, okay?

The schedule of having the girls

on the weekends for you

and him having them, you know,

on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

the order gives youthat weekend schedule,

every Friday, Saturday, Sunday,

and bring them backto school on Monday.

'Cause you're so involvedwith the gymnastics,

and that was Thursday night...

- Right.

- The judge said yes,you can take them

to--to cheering, to gymnastics,

but you would justbring them back to him.

- Corey's probablygonna tell me today,

like, "I'm keeping the girls."

- Today is Tuesday,

so technically he wouldbe keeping the girls today.

- Right.- Yeah, technically.

You need to take some timeto digest this.

- I don't know.

- And I've already starteda motion to reconsider.

Here's--here's what I alwaystell everybody, Leah.

It's your and his life.

It's better if the two of youcould come to some agreement

than lawyers fussing

and fighting or a judgemaking a decision.

So anyway, you read thisand let me know

if you have any questions, okay?

- Okay, I will.- All right.