• Season 1, Ep 1

Sneak Peek: A Medication Conversation

Allan is worried about his friend Jonathan''s consumption of pills, so Nev and iO have a chat with his boyfriend to see what he thinks.

02/19/2016 · 1:04

- Hey.- Hey, what's up, Joe?

- Hey.- What's going on?

- Not much.- This is Nev and iO.

- Hi.

- So where is Jon?Is he in the house?

- No.

- So he could show upany minute?

- At any minute, yeah.

- Allen was thinkingthat something was going on.

He wants to be helpful;he wants to be involved

if there's anything he can do,and so we're just here

to help facilitatejust some communication

so everyone's on the same page,whatever that is.

- I'm a little pissedthat my friend

is now startingto pull back from me,

and the closest thing to himright now is you.

- What do you suspect?

- I suspect a number of things,you know what I'm saying, like--

- Like what?- I've seen him take pills.

We've gone out a couple of times, and Jonathan--

he's sneaking off with, like, a bag full of pills.

- You know he suffersfrom depression and anxiety.

This could possibly just beanxiety medication.

- It could also potentiallyreally affect you

if your partner has

a potentiallylife-threatening illness.

- Yeah.

- When's the last timeyou and Jon been tested?